Creating with Purpose

I am Jurgen van de Mortel and my love for design came from a very young age. There is something special about creating something out of nothing that people love to use every day.
For me designing is about creating relevance and being conscious even with the smallest details of the experience. How people interact with the product, how it feels, and how it fits with the brand and in the marketplace.
It is easy to underestimate the impact of interacting with an object that you use every day. You quickly associate them as mere stuff that we use. It’s become part of our daily routine. But I see this as an opportunity. Every product that you use has a purpose and when people use it every day, they come to know it on a deeper level. They know the best way to use it and even know every detail, shape, color and texture of it.

I see designing products as an opportunity to give people an object that exceed expectations and give them a “work of art”. A product that they associate with the brand they love and want to interact with every day – that’s the goal.